A Little Matter of Life and Death

by Hannah Thomas on March 22, 2013

lifeFrom our human perspective, we understand that it’s life does not end, yet if the caterpillar applied our human definition of death to it’s own circumstance, it would believe that it was going to die and fight with all it’s strength against the process.

Death and our beliefs surrounding it provide the foundation for every expression of fear on our earth. It is the ultimate loss, the ultimate end. Or at least this is how we see it.

Only when we open fully to life, and to the unconditional love that is there waiting for us, can we see death for what it truly is.

This is not the realm of the guru, this is the realm of the heart. It is only by direct personal experience that we can truly understand.

If you are ready to leap into the light that is Life and open yourself to Love, find the full post and listen to the short (ten minute) meditation “Opening to Life” by clicking HERE

“Love does not speak of its own greatness, but points to the greatness others do not see in themselves.”
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