A Loss of Beauty

by Sadia Eija on July 6, 2013

Bolivia 01There are many places that I would like to travel to in the world. There are many brilliant sites; sites, that we have no clue that they exist. The world seems very small to me when I sit at home but when I look at pictures of beautiful places it’s hard to believe that somewhere this place is real. There is much more to see and we have not seen any of it. It is a bit difficult to travel where ever you like. It can be because of the expense, responsibilities, or other reasons. Well we could always read and find out about places online. At least, that is what I do for now.

In South America, lies a country called Bolivia. It has a great amount of natural beauty. One of its remarkable natural beauties is the Salar de Uyuni. It is 10,582 square kilometers and the world’s largest salt flat. Along with that, there are also volcanoes in the Cordillera Occidental (Western range). The highest peak in Bolivia is the Sajama which rises up to 6542 meters. The land is very arid and has little vegetation. Hence, the salt flats that are ancient dried lakes.

UyuniAlong with Bolivia’s daintiness, there is a bit of a concern. Sadly, from the year 1990 to the year 2005; Bolivia has lost 6.5 percent of its forestry and the rate continues to enlarge. Oil and gas development, unauthorized logging, over harvesting of selected species, forests fires, and conversion of forests for commercial agricultural expansion all encourage the decrease in the forest. In order to help the beautiful forests of Bolivia to stay, we humans can do many things. Families can plant help plant trees and get the children involved as well. Give the children knowledge of why it is important. Companies and industries can try to find locations that are not part of the forest and commercialize there. I am sure the forest is not the only place left to develop. We should at least leave some nature where it is.

Above all, Bolivia is a wonderful place and it can stay wonderful if we do our job. I would love to visit the place along with many other breathtaking sites. Sometimes we should focus on the beauty of something rather than take an advantage.

Bolivia is a beautiful country and there are many things to explore there.

Sadia Eijaz

Sadia Eijaz lives in Edmonds, WA. She attends Edmonds Woodway High school, is in a band and taking all honor classes. Originally a Pakistani citizen, and observing Islam as a religion, Sadia loves to help people and help her community. She enjoys reading, writing, and drawing. She really wants to make a difference, whether it is big or small. In her spare time she reads, makes friendship bracelets, plays the piano, makes videos for fun, spend time with family, and sings.


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