Who We Are

by chris

GreenLifestyles.org is the site for Green Lifestyles Network (GLN), which is comprised of the Green Lifestyle Film Festival and the soon to be launched Green Lifestyle (web) TV Channel.
We are a 501(c)3 non profit, grassroots, volunteer based organization that is setting new standards for media and providing a clearing house for all films, videos, podcasts, blogs and shows created by citizen journalists that address the real basic needs of the human experience.
We give a voice to the voiceless while setting high standards for non aggressive language and advanced communication skills.


Creating a new vision for media by mirroring the diversity of the human experience while offering sustainable solutions for peaceful co-existence with all living beings.

Our philosphy/culture is that language is a powerful tool to create and change perceptions and experiences. We therefore teach, advocate and instruct all our team members in the use of non aggressive communication and instruct our bloggers and content writers to do so as well.

Our Programming:

We rely on the public and private donors for funding and in turn we serve all our international communities:

  • By our monthly free EcoSalon Film Series
  • By events such as our upcoming EcoBeauty & Fashion Show (13th October 2013)
  • By the launch of our Green Lifestyle (web) TV Channel (slated for November 2013)
  • By our big festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2014
  • By leveraging our outstanding and committed bloggers. We have 10 bloggers based in LosAngeles , 10 Nationwide and 10 Worldwide.
  • By our inspiring and action oriented podcasts ( from the UK)


Founded in 2008 by Dorit, and funded and administered as a one woman show working everyday tirelessly for the cause of setting new standards for media , we have now grown to a large and committed team of volunteers world wide.
Thus far we have had 3 film festivals (2008, 2009, 2010) and in 2012 we held a mini film festival in San Francisco as part of the International Vegetarian Society’s Annual Festival.

We wholeheartedly thank our global team of volunteers for all their dedication and energies in providing a new model for media.

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