Who We Are

GreenLifestyles.org is the site for Green Lifestyles Network (GLN), which is comprised of our blogs, podcasts, our web based Green Lifestyle TV Channel, our social media outlets, newsletter, ecoFilm Salons, eco Fashion & Beauty Salons, and our Green Carpet Premieres.

We are a 501(c)3 non profit, grassroots, volunteer based organization that is setting new standards for media and providing a clearing house for all films, videos, podcasts, blogs and shows created by citizen journalists that address the real basic needs of the human experience.

We give a voice to the voiceless while setting high standards for non aggressive language and advanced communication skills.


Green Lifestyles Network is a peace based media organization that caters to anyone wishing to lead a more peaceful lifestyle.


Our philosphy/culture is that language is a powerful tool to create and change perceptions and experiences. We therefore teach, advocate and instruct all our team members in the use of non aggressive communication and instruct our bloggers and content writers to do so as well.


We rely on the public and private donors for funding and in turn we serve all our international communities:

  • By our monthly (free of charge) EcoFilm Salons
  • By events such as our EcoFashion & Beauty Salons
  • By the programming of our Green Lifestyle (web) TV Channel
  • By our international events in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • By leveraging our outstanding and committed bloggers.
  • By our inspiring and action oriented podcasts ( from the UK)
  • By providing Green Carpet Premieres for organizations and individuals who then donate a portion of the proceeds to GLN


We rely on funding of small and large amounts (no amount is insignificant) from our supporters to pay for day to day general operating expenses.

We received a $10,000 grant from the Annenberg Foundation in 2014 for capacity building, which is restricted to educating our board members and establishing a well-equipped and committed Executive Board.

In 2015, we will be launching Online Auctions and an Annual Fundraising Gala.


Founded in 2008 by Dorit, as The Green Lifestyle Film Festival, funded and administered by her as a one woman show working everyday tirelessly for the cause of setting new standards for media, we have now grown to a large and committed team of volunteers worldwide.
Thus far we have had 3 film festivals (2008, 2009, 2010) and in 2012 we held a mini film festival in San Francisco as part of the International Vegetarian Society’s Annual Festival.

In 2011, we launched our ecoFilm Salons held monthly at the Westfield Century City Mall’s Microsoft Store, who are our partners in this endeavor. In July of 2012, 2013 and 2014, we received the award of Partner of the Month from Microsoft.

Our Board Chair and Executive Director have been very privileged to have received top-notch training in Non Profit Management from the Annenberg Foundation in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

In June 2013, we realized that we had grown so much that we changed our name from The Green Lifestyle Film Festival to Green Lifestyles Network and re-structured the organization accordingly.

We wholeheartedly thank our global team of volunteers for all their dedication and energies in providing a new model for media.

Our EIN # is 26-1993436 and we are based in Los Angeles, California with an expanded presence on the East Coast of the USA, operating out of New Jersey in 2015.