Are Your Children “Fussy” Eaters? Perhaps They Are Simply Food Combining!

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By Dorit author of Celebrating Our Raw Nature

It is important to realize that for children, food combining seems to come naturally. They simply do not like to have a lot of ingredients at once at any given meal. I was very much a mono eater. Although, nowadays I create gourmet recipes as a chef and am lauded for them, I prefer mono eating. This means that I—as do most children—prefer to eat one thing at a time. For example, I have always loved broccoli; however, mix it with anything else, and I will pick out the broccoli and ignore all the other ingredients in the dish.

When I first went to North America, I was shocked at how many different things were served at the same time and even on the very same plate! In fact, platters were used instead of plates in many places! I was so turned off that I often lost my appetite. So please do not call your children “fussy eaters.” They are simply respecting the rules of food combining, and their digestion, assimilation and elimination systems will be a lot better for it.

If your children are okay with eating what I call macro meals, which are several ingredients mixed together to form one dish, then they will enjoy the recipes offered in many books. If, like me, they prefer micro meals, then allow them to alter whatever they wish to in the recipes.

When they participate in the meal planning and creation, meal times become one of gratitude and fun. They ought to be moments that you all look forward to, not fight about.

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Author: dorit

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