August 2012 EcoSalon Film – Not My Life

Not My Life

Please join us for the next Green Lifestyle Film Festival EcoSalon Free Film Screening on Sunday, August 26th at 3pm.

Not My Life is the first documentary film to depict the horrifying and dangerous practices of human trafficking and modern slavery on a global scale. Filmed on five continents over a period of four years by Oscar-nominee Robert Bilheimer and narrated by Glenn Close, Not My Life unflinchingly, but with enormous dignity and compassion, depicts the unspeakable practices of a multi-billion dollar global industry whose profits, as the film’s narration says, “are built on the backs and in the beds of our planet’s youth.”Not My Life features dignified and inspiring testimony from survivors; depictions of trafficking, exploitation, and slavery in all parts of the world including forced labor in Africa; street begging and garbage picking in India; sexual trafficking in the United States and Southeast Asia; and various forms of child enslavement and abuse in both North and South America.

Join us for a screening of Not My Lifeat the August EcoSalon:

  • Sunday, August 26th at 3pm
  • Venue: Microsoft Store @ the Westfield Century City Mall, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90067
  • Free screening with vegan hors d’oeuvres and beverages
  • Free gift bag from Microsoft Store
  • Free parking for 3 hours
  • RSVP to:

Response to Not My Life from the Green Lifestyle Film Festival

Written by Dorit, Green Lifestyle Film Festival Founder & Author

At the  Green Lifestyle Film Festival, we are creating a new vision for media and the “green” movement. So many people in the environmental movement claim that we need to preserve and conserve, so we can hand over a world intact for future generations. Those very “future” generations are our children of today. What is the use of creating models for the external environment when the very “generations of tomorrow” to which we are handing over our legacies will not care because their own circumstances are so highly unsustainable?

Until we put an end to the real causes behind human trafficking, child slavery and child abuse, the  “generation of tomorrow” will not care; as they will bear the scars of our own shortsightedness as we focus on the outer trappings of a toxic world and not seek to relieve their own (unsustainable) sufferings. Why should they care that the polar ice caps are melting when they are being treated as disposable objects of our own distorted sense of entertainment and live in abject poverty: mentally, physically and emotionally? First we must heal the inner workings of our own society and give a sense of dignity, respect and honor to those occupying the planet. Then we will be able to  raise responsible and responsive citizens who will naturally, automatically  take care of the planet.

We cannot pollute the inner workings of a child and expect that child to grow up being conscious and aware of planetary well being and environmental stewardship.

Take care of and nurture the child today, and the child will take care of Planet Earth tomorrow!

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