China’s Weeklong Earth Day Celebrations Begins on April 16

by Rensi on April 17, 2013

bellsIn China, the yearly Earth Day celebrations have been led by the Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China. Usually, the plans are issued in early March and executed by the administrative departments of land and resources at all levels as well as other related organizations. By the end of April, the Ministry of Land and Resource require summaries of the events across the country in paper and DVD formats to prepare for future celebrations.  

On March 9, 2013, the general office of the Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China released an announcement about a week-long promotional campaign from April 16 to April 22 for the 44th World Earth Day. The theme of the campaign is: Treasure the Earth’s Resources, Change the Developmental Approach—Facilitate Eco-Civilization, Work Together to Build a Beautiful China.

Fom April 16 to April 22, five kinds of activities will be accessible to the public:

Campaign Week

The campaign will be executed in accordance with the 18th CPC National Congress spirit to achieve three goals: First, raising the public awareness of China’s realities and policies regarding resources; secondly, disseminating scientific knowledge of land and resources as well as new values, new methods, and new technologies; thirdly, leading the Chinese society to save resources and transform the extensive economic growth mode into an intensive one.

The organizations that will join the campaign include the administrative departments of land and resources at all levels, China Geological Survey and its affiliates, as well as other related societies, associations, and foundations.

The Ministry of Land and Resources requires the aforementioned organizations to ban extravagant campaigns and ceremonial celebrations with no substance. The activities are expected to be as inexpensive, informative, and effective as possible.

Exemplary Activities Held by the Ministry

During the week, the Ministry of Land and Resources will mainly organize eight activities to set an example for its subordinated departments:

  • bridge-in-chinaWorld Earth Day Classroom
  • Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of Mineral Resources Conference
  • Geophysical Prospecting Technology Training Class
  • Expert Analysis on “Communique on Land and Resources of China”
  • Field Trip to Sustainable Mining Sites
  • Themed Expert Forums
  • Themed Expos
  • University Speech Contests

Recommendations of Books, Films and Television Works on Popular Science

In order to execute the 12th “Five-Year Plan” on the popularization of science and technology in land and resources, the Ministry of Land and Resources solicited outstanding books, movies, and TV shows on popular science to recommend to the public. The books are those that have been registered in the General Administration of Press and Publication and received ISBN numbers. The films and television works refer to the copyrighted movies, TV shows, and cartoons produced by organizations or individuals.

The administrative departments of land and resources at all levels, China Geological Survey and its affiliates, Geological Society of China, experts and scholars in related fields, publishing houses, book authors, and film/TV show producers were encouraged to submitted chopped/signed recommendation forms to the Ministry of Land and Resources by March 25, 2013.

At time of writing, the Ministry of Land and Resources has announced 28 works with the most votes for the public’s final approval.

Ceremonies at Local Levels

The administrative departments of land and resources at all levels (provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, and sub-provincial cities) will work with local geological museums and other popular science institutions to organize a major themed campaign.

chinese-house-reflectionBesides, every Popular Science Base on Land and Resource will be open to the public or teenagers/young adults for free or with discounts. Every base will organize at least one interactive activity specially for teenagers and young adults, one themed exhibition, and one lecture on popular science.

Organizational Cooperation and Media Campaigns

This year’s Earth Day celebration will witness more cooperation among educational, scientific, technological, environmental organizations. Geological Societies, Land Science Socieities, and Gemes & Jewelry Trade Associations at all levels will unite with universities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, “Save Resources, Protect the Environment, Become a Earth-Protecting Little Host” Event Committees, and companies to put on informative and entertaining events that the public can relate to.

Besides, all the organizations are encouraged to make the most of a wide range of media including television, radio, the Internet, cell phone, and Microblogging services.

The Ministry of Land and Resources’s official website will offer the electronic versions of Earth Day posters. The posters will be available for download by April 15.



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