June 2012 Filmmaker of the Month: David Chernushenko

536px-David_ChernushenkoThough it may seem petroleum, coal and nuclear power are the only means of energy and that renewable energy is just a fleeting fad, environmental filmmaker and his energy producing, solar-paneled roof disagree. But on a particular day when Chernushenko stored more than enough solar energy, he realized his single roof wasn’t enough.


In the film, Powerful: Energy for Everyone, we meet scientists, community leaders, eco-activists and an Olympian, who set out to prove that reliance on alternative energy is not only feasible, but is already occurring in forward-thinking communities around the globe. Chernushenko journeys to see some of the great successes of sustainable energy as well as its missteps, disappointments, and arrives at the conclusion that the power to change solely rests upon the shoulders of local communities working toward a common goal.


Powerful is a film that lives up to its name and shows how, as a collective whole, we can create sustainable energy supplies that will live long after we are gone and improve the world for generations to come.


Author: mila

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