Dongola—A Place for Wonderers

dongolaThe bus rattled and bumped as it navigated through The Sahara Desert, leaving a trail of dusty sand behind it. I was aboard the bus, staring aimlessly out the narrow window. I tried to bring what I saw into context…to eliminate some of its grand intimidation. Looking out all I could see was the same orangey-clay sand, extending on for miles and miles into the horizon. I was in Dongola, Sudan, the hometown of my family, the place where my mother had grown up, the place that was once bustling with commotion as a key trading center. Although some of the commotion had since disappeared, the same serenity that my mother had described so vividly still remained. The town oozes a kind of peace and serenity that cannot be depicted on a postcard or travel website—it must be experienced. Secluded and remote in a small corner of a torn Sudan, Dongola is the only place that has stood strong against years of corruption and fighting. No matter where I am or where I end up, I will never forget the warm summer nights I spent in my Grandmother’s veranda gazing at the brightly light stars pondering the depths of my life and the wonders of the world that surrounds me.

Danya AbelHamied


Author: Danya AbelHamied

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