Nance Broderzen


Nance Broderzen began performing spoken-word in 2006 at various Art Galleries in downtown Los Angeles and has expanded to numerous additional venues in greater Los Angeles as far South as San Diego. Her solo-show of oil paintings, entitled Equalitarianism, Bringing Back the Divine Feminine, opened on the Fall Equinox this year at the Animal Advocacy Museum in Pasadena and she has shown art at many other galleries.  She also recently kicked off the March for Monsanto with spoken-word, performing for her largest audience to date, an estimated 5,000 demonstrators, who all fell silent for the length of her piece.  Nance is currently working on her first novel and recently started a new series of paintings.  She has a liberal arts degree from the University of Iowa and Post Baccalaureate Fine Art and Writing experience from UCLA, American Animation Institute, Pasadena City College and Glendale City College.  Her studies emphasize Mass Communication and Sociology, the later providing fuel and inspiration for her art and writing. You can visit her web site at


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Raw vocals, dark and personal lyrics, lounge pop undertones and a moody execution define the sound of, and concept behind, Halimede. With songwriting influences ranging from Amanda Palmer, Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor, among others, Halimede’s debut album, C/O A Conscience (Care of a Conscience), utilizes the skill set of the four key members (Sarah Al-Mulla, Mark Cox, Wade Wilkinson and David Chetkin), as well as welcomes a diverse group of contributing talents (John Lawler – Guitar, Justin D.M. – Bass, Erik Kristiansen – Lap Steel, Dean Roubicek – Saxophone & Clarinet, Asha Sukamar – Violin).

Initially, the brainchild of primary singer/songwriter and pianist Sarah Al-Mulla, and David Chetkin, drummer/percussionist, who met on Craigslist; the band has grown to include Wade Wilkinson (bass), and Mark Cox (guitar), as the recording process lead to a mutual passion for the material, and increased artistic synchronicity.

Tes Kempner

Song Titles
How To Be A Diva (Rap)
We Are The Voice (Closing Song)

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TES KEMPNER is a “musical prophet” – singing minister, founder of the Universal Temple of Higher Consciousness – a resident retreat sanctuary and experimental world peace community incubator in NE San Diego County, now currently incarnated as The Lotus Pad on Mission Bay.  Peace advocate, word alchemist, sound shaman, teacher of advaita (oneness) inspired by her heritage mandate of Tikkun Olam  (“to heal or add beauty to the world”), Tes was honored by the invitation to present her original trance hymn “Peace In The Middle East” for 6000 Israeli and Palestinian women in Jerusalem’s Independence Park – establishing the frequency of peace in the heart of the Holy Land.  Author of some eighty-plus original inspirational songs, she has emerged as a spiritual leader and provocative emissary for global harmony. Tes is proud of her most recent accomplishment, the establishment of the First Annual Global Vegan “Peace Picnic” in San Diego’s beautiful Mission Bay Park to coincide with U.N. mandated International Day Of Peace, a 24-hour worldwide ceasefire marked by gatherings of celebration and silence each September 21St.