Executive Board Members

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In addition to numerous guest appearances on television shows, Dorit is the founder of the very innovative Green Lifestyle Film Festival and Green Lifestyle TV (Web) Channel and has been the focus chef for  two TV pilots.
Adding variety to her work as a Certified Living Foods Chef, Dorit is a workshop leader for a medically supervised Cleansing, Strengthening and Detoxification Retreats.

Her website is: www.serenityspaces.org


 David_Wong_Small (1)BOARD CHAIR: DR. DAVID WONG

David Wong is an Integrative physician who co-founded the Health Integration Center in 1978. His goals are to assist people to achieve optimal health and wellness through the integration and balance of body, mind and spirit. He has been involved with Green Lifestyle Film Festival since 2007, served as Director of Strategic Partnerships and was recently appointed Board Chair of the Green Lifestyles Network. One of his interests is how we use words and language in the area of communication and has lectured on the “Language of Wellness.”  He is co-author of Healing What Hurts (Basic Health Publisher 2007). David enjoys traveling and discovering new places and cultures.  He is a connoisseur of massages and spas with natural hot springs.  He lives a contemplative life and follows a predominantly plant-based vegan diet.

“I am excited to be on the board of a non-profit organization which inspires people to transform their lives to be more sustainable and to participate in creating media messages not based on fear but on solutions and promote models of living in harmony with nature and all beings.”



Helen Vonderheide is the founder of Los Angeles based, Just Bee Films whose mission is to share real life stories with the hope of raising social awareness to create a positive change. After receiving a BA at Columbia College Chicago for Film/Video with a concentration in producing in 2004, Ms. Vonderheide began her career working in the mailroom on the CBS Redford Lot. Soon after she began working in the production and post production departments of television shows such as Head Cases, Bones, CSI: NY, and Friday Night Lights.

She gained a baseline knowledge of producing while working at The Producers Guild of America, and then joined the team at The Bedford Falls Company to further that knowledge and cultivate a passion for filmmaking. Since leaving Bedford Falls in 2008, she has been independently developing and producing commercials, music videos, short films, documentaries, television series, and feature films. She is actively engaged in the community as a socially conscious filmmaker and on the board as Director for Green Lifestyles Network.


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Cynthia Orozco is a seasoned accountant with extensive and diversified expertise in analysis, reconciliation, and procedure implementation. Cynthia has demonstrated leadership in partnering with senior teams on processes, financial reporting and controls for increased accuracy, timelines, and business optimization.  She has been instrumental in leading companies in problem resolution and in the development of up-to-date business systems. Cynthia has a BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California.


Louise has a decade of experience as an Environmental Consultant, initially working within consulting firms in the south of England for a variety of clients in government and private industry.

In January 2007, Louise founded Neptune Environmental Solutions. The company provides freelance environmental advice, with specialisms including; building and maintaining environmental management systems to the International ISO 14001 standard; environmental training and awareness; waste management planning; energy efficiency monitoring; environmental impact assessment, CO2 monitoring, and compliance with UK and European environmental law.

Louise’s other passion is film. Understanding how energy intensive and wasteful that the production process can be, she has sought to find out how she may be able to use her skills in sustainability management to help reduce the impact of production activities.

In addition, Louise is working to develop educational tools to help teach the next generation the importance of living sustainably.