Faces of the EcoFashion and Beauty Campaign



  • Victoria Tik
    • Company Bio: http://frockla.com/about/
    • Designer Bio: http://frockla.com/about/the-designer/
    • Contact information: vickytik@gmail.com


Faces and Models


  • Tamara Henry
    • Tamara Henry, M.A.  a former Miss Arkansas, is the anchor of Santa Monica Update and the Emmy nominated TV show Metro Motion. Tamara started as a weeknight news anchor and health reporter in Little Rock, Arkansas while Bill Clinton was President after earning her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. She also earned an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology in Consciousness, Health & Healing. Broadcasting live on FoxNews.com, Tamara has been interviewing celebrities on Oscar night at the Night of 100 Stars every year since 2005. Tamara is also a film producer whose inspirational documentaries were on the 2010 and 2012 Oscar Shortlist. Tamara is the award winning new media host of GreenTwithTamara.TV and helped the 2010 Miss America Contestants Go Green. Tamara has also starred on Bravo, Animal Planet, The Tonight Show, Access Hollywood, E!’s Style Network, LOGO, the Miss USA Pageant and Legally Blonde 2. . Her next film The Carrier premieres on Veterans Day November 11, 2013 at the Laemmle in Santa Monica.
    • www.TamaraHenry.com

  • Rachelle Carson Begley
    • Rachelle received her first gig on a soap opera when she was 20 years old.
    • She is currently working on a musical with her husband, Ed Begley Jr.
    • Rachelle and her husband just had a wrap on their third season of their own television show.  This show reveals their sustainable lifestyle with their solar powered house, all electrical cars, and their constant recycling!
    • http://www.rachellecarson-begley.com/

  • Seli Marset
    • Seli was born in Hamburg Germany.  She speaks German and Turkish fluently!  Her family still lives in Europe.
    • She realized she enjoyed acting at the young age of 8 at school in Hamburg.
    • Seli lived in Louisiana, and also London where she studied drama and performance.
    • She currently lives in Hollywood while still acting!
    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seli-Marset/180232898720808