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What can you tell us about the relationship between energy and the human body?

Albert Einstein once said, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”  Sages and gurus across the ages have hinted at the same thing.  Einstein’s famous theory of relativity is based on the premise that all matter is made up of energy.  E=MC² simply means that the amount of energy is equal to the amount of matter multiplied by the constant, which is the speed of light, squared.  This formula has many applications and implications, but here I use it to illustrate how the amount of energy within any given form may be quantified.

Matter is solid simply because the sub-atomic particles are moving incredibly rapidly within a very confined space.  Think of an old-fashioned fan.  When it is switched off, the blades and the spaces between them are clearly visible.  When the fan is on a high setting, rapidly rotating, those spaces disappear.  What’s more the fan itself now appears more like a disk.  The spaces are no longer visible, and if you try to stick a finger into the fan, you may well lose it.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes matter up.  Newtonian physics postulated that matter could be broken down into elements (the periodic table).  If you break an element down into small pieces you get molecules.  Molecules, in turn are made up of atoms.  The old model of an atom, which most of us learned in school, is a planetary model with a nucleus (like a little planet) being orbited by an electron or two.  In reality, the electrons do not follow an orbit as such but rather a “wave of potentiality.”  Things on a sub-atomic level do not behave according to the rules of Newtonian physics!  If you can imagine a wave surrounding the nucleus, and the electron could be at any point on the wave at any given time, then you have a more accurate depiction of how electrons behave.  These electrons move at a speed of roughly 600 miles per second around the nucleus.

Think of the spinning fan blades again and imagine something moving at 600 miles per second.  Would that seem pretty solid?  Would there be any gaps to safely stick a finger through?  Now consider the nucleus itself.  Within the nucleus are other particles, such as protons and neutrons.  Because these particles are confined to an even smaller space than the electrons, they move at an even higher speed, 45,000 miles per second. This great speed of particles on a sub-atomic level is what gives solidity to matter. This illusion of solidity is for all practical purposes pretty real.

It is possible to manipulate the energy which makes up our bodies.  Eastern forms of medicine are based on this premise, and I have used the above illustration to provide the science behind the ancient understanding of the way the energy behaves within and around our bodies. The material of our bodies is made of up energy, but there is also a flow of energy which focuses at certain points.  The flow is described in some practices as meridians, and the places where the energy is more focused, as chakras.  Energy healing is based on these concepts.

What’s more, energy healing works non-locally, or over distance.  Quantum physics can explain this also, but I’m sure you don’t want another lapse into science!

There are sub-atomic particles that behave according to the expectation of the observer.  The Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrodinger was so disturbed by this discovery that he created an analogy called “Schrodinger’s Cat.”  Google it if you’re curious.  It illustrates the absurdity of what is sub-atomic reality.

Because expectation influences things on a sub-atomic, level we have the ability to use our intention to heal our bodies.  The power of laughter and positive imagery is well documented in recent medical history.

The power of focused intention is used in non-local or distance healing.  It can also be used to communicate with another human being over great distance.  We exist not only on this level of “ordinary reality” but also on other dimensional levels.  Shamans understood and used this to heal not only the body, but the soul and mind.


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