Featured Expert: Hannah Thomas Co-founder of Heart Rising part 5

FYH logoYou have created a technique (Transformational Lateral Co-creation) that allows people to re-program their minds and overcome mental or emotional barriers to move forward in life with more personal power.   Can you tell us more about this technique?

TLC is an indirect and creative (lateral) approach to identifying and overcoming the things that keep us stuck in our old programmed responses to life.  It does not focus on physical healing alone, but on the soul expression of an individual on all levels.  On the level of ordinary reality, it encompasses mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  On other levels, because it is a soul-to- soul connection, there is involvement from what some call “the higher self,” or the part of us, which exists beyond embodiment as a human being.

This is important because this allows healing, which is not confined by a point in linear time.  TLC is not therapy, counseling, or coaching.  It is not something that someone does “for” you but, rather, it is designed to empower individuals to discover their own solutions.

This is accomplished through a non-local (distance) meditative connection.  Meeting soul to soul in a field of high-frequency (love) where no artifice or mask is necessary (or possible).  Because love is the gateway, it is impossible to abuse this connection.

The individual is in total control at all times.  I may work with someone’s energy field or reflect to them areas of their own beauty, which perhaps have not been reflected to them in this lifetime.  I may work through the timeline if energy blockages have arisen from previous states of being, but everything I do is guided by the individual.

TLC is not for people who are looking for someone to “fix” them.  It is for those who are ready to take responsibility for their own lives and to step into the fullness of what we are evolving into.

You have started something called the Heart Action Initiative; can you describe this initiative and what the goals are for this initiative?

The Heart Action Initiative (HAI) is designed to help people identify what really matters to them.  If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

There are a host of practical suggestions as to how people can make a difference right where they are.  One doesn’t have to sell all one’s possessions and move to Africa to feed starving children.  Real change starts inside us and sometimes it is the little things that have the biggest impact.  There are a host of suggestions on how to make a practical difference in everyday life in the areas that are important to us.  There is also a listing of organizations devoted to world change which one can become involved in or support.

The ultimate goal of the HAI is to put itself out of business!  The human mind and heart are incredibly creative and resilient, and I believe if enough people began to harness their own power, we can change our world beyond recognition.  Because of the interconnectedness of all life, what we change within us we also change without.  This is why Gandhi told us to, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and why cultivating love in our own lives has such incredible and far-reaching power.

Our only limit is that which we believe to be impossible.


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