Featured Expert: Hannah Thomas Co-founder of Heart Rising

1. What inspired you to create heartrising.com and its services?

While working for a nonprofit, I kept coming across the most amazing people, who were living their heart vision in a way that was making a huge impact on the world around them.  Because of their dedication to their vision, they had little time to spend on self-promotion, and I wanted to create a platform where people could see them and hopefully be inspired by them.

I wanted Heart Rising to be a place where anyone could come, regardless of background, belief or culture, to ask questions and explore their own life purpose.

Heart Rising would not be possible without my colleague, Caressence.  She creates regular guided meditations, contributes inspirational writing, and shares daily affirmations both on the site and via Twitter.  In many ways, she is the anchor of Heart Rising.  Our approaches are totally different, but we share the same heart vision, and this contrast provides a perfect balance.

2. When did you realize you had unique talents, such as the ability to see angels, spirit guides, and form special connections with others?  How did this realization change your life path?

From the moment I took my first breath, I could see angels, and spirit guides.  I was three before I realized that others did not see these things too, and with that realization came the understanding that it was unwise to talk about these things!  Past life memories and awareness of other dimensional existence were just part of me, but I rarely spoke about them.

Still, there were moments when people came looking for answers, without really knowing why they were drawn to me.  They would open up their hearts to me and share their secrets, and in sharing some of my own in return, something magical happened.  They started to find their own answers and new possibilities opened to them. This was the foundation for what has developed into Transformational Lateral Co-creation (TLC).


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