Featured Interview: Rose Beesey from Zuii Cosmetics

Green Lifestyle Film Festival recently interviewed the CEO of Zuii Cosmetics, a Certified Organic makeup company, to find out how they become involved with Certified Organic products, what the benefits are of using Certified Organic projects, as well as what the difference is between ‘organic’ and ‘Certified Organic.’ Here is our Q&A session:

Zuii Day1. What inspired you to become involved in certified organic cosmetics?

As a boutique cosmetic manufacturing company, formulating and manufacturing professional color cosmetics, we wished to move away from the traditional path of synthetic ingredients that are typically used in color cosmetics. We asked the question, ‘why does it have to be that way?’ Why not remove the chemicals and replace them with natural plant-based ingredients to retain the quality, finish, and performance. We also sought ingredients that were available as certified organic.

2. What are the benefits of using certified organic cosmetic products?

Traditional cosmetic formulations have and will always be around. The consumers of today, though, are demanding more, armed with information and a desire to look after their health, and reduce toxic chemicals in all areas—not just cosmetics. The benefits of certified organic are numerous but, firstly, it gives the consumer total information never before available as to ingredients that are in each product; for example, the ingredients are true and organic from the farmer that produced the ingredient through to the finished product. Another benefit is that natural ingredients work on a synergy with our body and reduce chemicals, giving our over-taxed bodies time to repair without loading on more chemicals.

zuii day3. What is the difference between organic and certified organic?

Organic usually means that the ingredient is grown and harvested without the use of chemicals. Organic also refers to a compound that contains a carbon atom, which is found in anything that has lived; hence, the confusion can arise and be twisted by some companies. The term certified organic on labels refers to products that have been certified and have met the stringent organic standards set by the certifying bodies. A minimum of 95% of ingredients in the finished product must be organic to be considered certified organic. Certification logos and registration numbers guarantee that these products are true and correct and can be verified with the authorities.

4. What are the benefits of using Zuii certified organic products?

The benefits of Zuii are so numerous. We are very concerned about what we eat, the cloths we wear, and the need to protect and nurture our delicate skin from the effects of our environmental pollutants. Zuii helps to protect and nurture skin that has been damaged by allowing nature to do its work to repair, while giving the consumers a sense of confidence that their skin can breath and repair while looking fabulous. Zuii foundations work to even out skin tone, reduce the appearance blemishes, and give a radiant fresh natural all-day glow.

zuii day5. What are some of the challenges you face when marketing your products?

Zuii Organic is the only certified organic flora cosmetic product line on the market made from flowers. There are now numerous mineral makeup brands available on the market, which is very good to see. Consumers are becoming more aware of options different from the traditional makeup, which now also includes minerals. Many brands still use petrochemicals and talc in these so-called mineral products. Zuii takes it one big step further and delivers a product line and degree of quality never before achieved. Our Zuii family is growing bigger by the day, with more awareness on the benefits of using certified organic products


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