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Just before Christmas, I went to see the movie Happy by director Roco Belic.  It was the perfect subject matter for ending one year and starting another.

Yes, the film was about the pursuit of happiness–that invisible goal we all aspire to but find so elusive.

The film explored the priorities of the western world where the pursuit of a high standard of living is considered a means towards increasing our happiness.  So, why are Americans statistically unhappy?  Is this a false steppingstone?

One of many touching examples in the film was a rickshaw driver from Calcutta.  The driver was, in western terms, very poor.  But he felt like a king when greeted by his son upon returning from work.  The pride he showed in being part of his community was rich beyond any experience us westerners ever have spending a day in a 5-star hotel.

Happiness is a neurological pattern within the body.  It is an emotion that must be cultivated to grow. If we do not practice happiness, happiness nerves atrophy within us.  We can easily forget this fact while we struggle to get through our “to-do” lists for the day.

The secret to this happiness is in our inner values and how they–not external values– create happiness.  People who value money, power, fame and good looks are less likely to be happy than those who value compassion, cooperation, and a willingness to make the world a better place.  Happy people are more socially responsible.  They improve the communities in which they live!

The film left me with a deep sense of joy and delight in being alive.  It also made me shift my New Year’s resolutions.  Happiness is now at the top of my list of goals this year: practicing happiness, searching out moments for me to laugh, smile and pay attention to the people around me.

Ultimately – the pursuit of happiness is not about “me.”  It’s about us!


for more info about the film, check out created by Academy Award nominated directore Roco Belic (of Ghenghis Blues.)


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