February 2012 Filmmakers of the Month: Jennifer Mattox and Doug Clemons

Green Lifestyle Film Festival recently interviewed Jennifer Mattox and Doug Clemons of the independent film company, Faerie Films, LLC, which is based in Orange County, California. Ms. Mattox and Mr. Clemons are the Director and Editor, respectively, of a new film called, All Jacked Up. The film showcases the journey of four teenagers in the midst of discovering the truth about their extremely unhealthy, toxic eating habits. We asked Ms. Mattox and Mr. Clemons some questions about the film. Here is our Q&A session:

1. I understand that ‘Faerie Films’ has a goal of reaching teen audiences. Why did you pick this niche?

We chose this niche because it’s this group of young adults that are being primed to lead our future and they must recognize that they have the power within to create a positive, healthy environment. They have been programmed to trust authority and yet, that’s not always in their best interest.

The film encourages this audience to question authority and seek solutions.

2. The film presents the audience with the story of four teenagers who have unhealthy and emotion-fueled eating habits. Why is this topic important to you?

Both my co-producer and myself have struggled with unhealthy eating habits our entire lives and feel it’s important to share our experiences with the next generation.

3. What would you like your audience to take away from your film? What steps can people take to live healthier lifestyles?

We would like the audiences to consider and be aware of where the food they eat comes from, what it’s made of, and how it’s processed.

An unexpected takeaway that we have gleaned from audiences is that a large portion of this teenage audience will reject processed meats as a result of seeing the film.

Some steps that people can take to live healthier lifestyles:

  1. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store
  2. Avoid packaged goods (there is no real food in a cardboard box)
  3. Eat local (visit your local farmer’s market)
  4. Choose seasonal organic produce
  5. Experiment with different dietary lifestyles:
    • Vegetarianism
    • Veganism
    • Raw Living Foods

6. And, then…follow your heart, do what is best for you!

4. Thank you for allowing Green Lifestyle Film Festival’s EcoSalon Film Series to feature your film. How can Green Lifestyle Film Festival support your message?

By continuing to screen films like others and ours that challenge the mainstream to expand their awareness.


Author: pattybaraibar

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