GLFF-MOA EcoSalon Wellness Open House Entertainment

Thursday, October 11th from 6-10pm!

LOCATION: MOA Wellness Centre,
4533 S. Centinela Ave.
(near Marina del Rey)
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone: 310-574-9900

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Event Entertainment

Greg Alexander

Greg Alexander is rather new to LA and is looking forward to sharing his music with the West coast. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he hopes to encourage passionate expression in everyone. Yeah!

Karen Elaine and Heath Perry

Karen Elaine and Heath Perry
Combining their shared passion for music and movement, the energies of Karen Elaine and Heath Perry combine to make a performance art expression that celebrates Classical Western European music and the best of the classically fit human body. Music by the great German composer Johann Sebastien Bach (Suite for ‘Cello #5 in c-minor), which in the composer’s intentional application of the Golden Mean (spiritual/mental/physical) lends itself to a presentation that mirrors these elements by the two dancer-performers.

A rigorous physical and diet-nutritional schedule is adhered to in the crafting of each movement of the Suite as the performers train their minds and bodies to BE “Golden Means” of music and movement. Karen Elaine brings her lifetime of professional experience playing the viola; Heath Perry brings his lifetime of body mastery/cheerleading/body conditioning through diet.

Karen ElaineAn active presence in the commercial music scene of Hollywood, Ms. Elaine has played on hundreds of movie/television/& phonograph projects including the scores to several of the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and STAR TREK movies, tv series including DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, JAG, FRINGE, and artists on tour/live & local/recordings such as ERIC CLAPTON, DAVE MATTHEWS, AVRIL LAVIGNE, SMOKEY ROBINSON, JAMES BROWN, JAMES INGRAHM………

Ms. Elaine’s solo concertizing has taken her to Israel, England, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, & most of the United States. You can buy her most recent recording tonight (a collection of works for solo viola by the composer Ernest Bloch).

Heath Perry

Heath PerryHeath Perry, who will be doing a GMO parody skit, is a lead volunteer with the CA Right to Know Ballot Initiative, a personal trainer, dietitian, and permaculturist. He is also a member of an intentional community house in Mar Vista, called Urban Permaculture House or UP House. They facilitate workshops, meetings and events related to health and sustainability with a local food focus.

Alex Schwartz

Alex Schwartz
Alex Schwartz comes to Los Angeles via Venezuela, New York, Montreal, Santa Barbara and Seattle, and has a few accordion tunes to show for each place. When not playing a squeeze-box, he keeps busy educating the public about evolution and psychology, building intentional community, advocating for good food choices, and working towards a golden future in which Los Angeles is more bike friendly. OK! OK!