Graphic Artists

Ellie GLN picART DIRECTOR: Ellie Pinyasas
Ellie is an art director, designer, music business consultant, and young creative entrepreneur. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business from College of Music Mahidol University, Thailand and achieved her Master’s Degree in Advertising, with an emphasis in Art Direction from Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She has multicultural experiences because she was born and raised in Thailand, stayed in the U.S., and has traveled to many countries. She is inspired by the places she goes, the music she listens to, and nature. She believes that making good art and design also means making the world a better place.


Kaden Behan is  the graphic artist for our EcoSalon Flyers. She is  a senior at the Academy of Allied Health and Science High School in New Jersey. Coming from a health and medicine oriented background, Kaden  has become very aware of current health issues mainly due to the consumption  of processed foods, pesticides, and exposure to  excessive toxins or  environmental pollutants. In combination with her passion for volunteering and her academic background, Kaden has donated her time to organizations such as The Green Lifestyle Film Festival  Inc., to help  raise awareness for the environmental issues that  impact the health of thousands of people. She has also volunteered for Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Second Chance with Saving Grace, and New Heights Educational Group. In the future she hopes to continue volunteering for organizations that promote healthy living habits and other preventative measures that eliminate causes of many health issues in the world today.

Heather is currently enrolled as an undergraduate at Cal State L.A. and is aiming to get her Bachelor Degree in Animation. She and her family have been living in Los Angeles for almost all her childhood. She is more of an indoor girl, who enjoys being on the computer, sketching, and playing video games. She is a quiet girl but once you get to know her, she can get a little louder. She likes to see the glass half-full, so to speak; try to be optimistic and kind to others. She has a bit of OCD in that she likes to take her time to present he work well instead of just skimming through just to get it over with. She likes to dedicate all her effort in her job and “rocket” off from there; like once she gets started on a job, she can work on it for hours straight rather than take breaks in between.