Green Lifestyle Film Festival Salutes the Green School in Bali

The Green Lifestyle Film Festival (GLFF) recognizes the intrinsic need for spaces and natural environments that will prepare our offspring for life in a world that lives according to the rules of nature.

Every month we will feature a person, place, book, art, written word or film that we feel epitomises those who have developed institutions or creative endeavours that are valuable to the inner growth of our children. This specifically means that children can build or find tools for building life skills or gain  knowledge of our unique role on this planet as human beings and encourage reverence for Life.

It is for this reason that we salute the Green School in Bali.

The Founders

John Hardy, a Canadian art student who was as creative as he was intuitive, made his way to Bali in 1975.

Intrigued by the Balinese craft traditions, he settled there and began producing jewellery with local artisans. Cynthia, a USA Native, who would years later become his wife and business partner, arrived in Bali in 1982, as a stopover on a round-the-world trip while she was considering attending law school at Berkeley. She stayed in Bali and started a small jewellery business of her own, which, owing to her talents in analysis and logistics, became successful in its own right. This right-brain, left-brain pair was destined for one another, and in 1989, their professional collaboration turned out to be magical.

From the beginning, John and Cynthia’s approach to business has been about making jewellery while being respectful to Bali’s land, her environment, her people and her culture.

Like everything else in John and Cynthia’s life, it became their mission to share with others the educational benefits that they were fortunate enough to provide their own children, and Green School is the realization of that vision.

“We are building Green School to create a new paradigm for learning. We want children to cultivate physical sensibilities that will enable them to adapt and be capable in the world. We want children to develop spiritual awareness and emotional intuition, and to encourage them to be in awe of life’s possibilities.”


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