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by Sadia Eija on December 17, 2013

Toys are one of the first things children encounter. After parents, of course, they are favorite and important objects in a baby’s life. Nonetheless, Toys are essential to a child’s learning and growth; however, with a child’s growth, comes a child’s safety. We want toys for our children that are safe for them.  Well, what if the toys that our children play with also help our earth?

Yes, toys that help our earth. It is a great idea and I am so ebullient when it comes to recycling. I love when people recycle and find other ways to help the earth. I think it is important to care for our Earth –as it is our only home. Slowly, we can progress into making most things safe for world. The toys that will help our earth are made completely from recyclable material. These recyclable toys are called Green Toys.

The Green Toys company started six years ago and is located in California, USA. Robert con Goeben and Laurie Hyman are the Co-Founders of Green Toys. The toys they make are made from recycled materials and don’t even have screws, bolts, magnets or glue. To be more specific, the Green Toys company uses recycled plastic milk jugs. The milk jug is recycled into super clean fresh plastic and the resulting plastic is called high-density polyethylene (HDPE). On the Green Toys website, it states that, “this material is considered one of the safest, cleanest plastics around”.

I haven’t seen many Green Toys products in our local stores; but, hopefully they will soon be ubiquitous. Both Target and Walmart sell some of the Green Toys in their stores and online. They can also be easily purchased through Amazon and other websites. Green Toys are sold at a fair price and are produced in the United States. So far, Green Toys is the only company that makes toys from completely recycled material.

Just how much does Green Toys help our world? Green toys save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases trap heat and make the planet warmer; additionally, human activity is responsible for the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. By reducing the amount of greenhouse gases there will be less global warming.

Furthermore, Green Toys are not just safe for the Earth, but also babies. As a child, I only had dolls and was more interested in the little accessories that came with the toys. Although, at that time toys, I’m sure were not the biggest safety concerns to my parents, what harm could they possibly do, besides accidently hitting myself? However, many toys contain chemicals that can expose children to heavy metals and other toxins. Babies learn about their environment by putting objects in their mouth, and lead in their body is very dangerous for them. Toys with magnets are also very dangerous and should not be swallowed. Since Green Toys are made completely from recycled plastic, there are no heavy metals, toxins or magnets.

Green Toys are fun and safe for children. Parents don’t need to worry about their children being exposed to dangerous toxins when they are playing with Green Toys. Toys are supposed to be fun; let’s keep it that way.

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Sadia Eijaz

Sadia Eijaz lives in Edmonds, WA. She attends Edmonds Woodway High school, is in a band and taking all honor classes. Originally a Pakistani citizen, and observing Islam as a religion, Sadia loves to help people and help her community. She enjoys reading, writing, and drawing. She really wants to make a difference, whether it is big or small. In her spare time she reads, makes friendship bracelets, plays the piano, makes videos for fun, spend time with family, and sings.


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