How Fear Affects Health

Because our mind does not know the difference between a real or imagined threat, constant worry creates a whole series of unhealthy responses in our physical body.  Worse, this happens regardless of whether or not the worry is based in reality. The responses include numerous aches and pains, stomach ulcers, urine in the blood, increase in blood pressure, respiratory quickening, muscle tension (for expected action that never occurs), hormone  release (such as adrenaline and cortisol), the release of fats and sugars  by the liver for energy and the subsequent rise of blood sugar levels, the slowing of digestion, and–most important of all–the re-routing of blood flow away from our mid-section. Left unchecked, these conditions can result in the depletion of the body’s adrenals, the overworking of the liver, and the severe impairment of our digestive system! Since 70% of our immune system lies in our digestive tract, getting worked up with constant fear can create havoc on our immune system.   When we  experience constant  fear, we re-route blood flow away from our mid-section where our immune system lies. The word immunity derives from the Latin word, immunis, meaning free.  Our immune system protects us from whatever invades our body, such as radiation and infection.   If we take energy away from the mid-section, our body’s defenses weaken as a consequence. Fear binds us and shuts us down. It stagnates us and keeps us imprisoned within our fear-filled  minds. Today’s media seems driven by fear and violence, and if we source our life this way, we reap the same fear-based results. However, there are many ways to change the pattern.  The first is to stop feeding the fear. This is precisely why I created the Green Lifestyle Film Festival and am now in the midst of creating a Green Lifestyle (web) TV Channel!  I wanted to provide a whole different dimension to news-worthy items.  Unlike the anxiety-laden information that we receive through corporate-driven media outlets, the Green Lifestyle Film Festival and the Green Lifestyle (web) TV Channel keeps us up-to-date in ways that are informative, meaningful, and beneficial to our minds and our bodies. Antidotes to fear are plentiful!  Find a reason to laugh by renting a film that you feel is outrageously funny, and watch it!  Have a long heartfelt talk with someone who is an active listener.  Go dancing, rollerblading or hiking.  Play the drums or join a drum circle and play with others.  Bach Flower Remedies (particularly Rescue Remedy), meditation and Yoga asanas are great ways to keep your body and mind well-connected. In fact, you can personalize the experience even more by working with someone to customize a series of yoga postures (asanas) and  breathing techniques just for you. This will help tremendously, as will changing your diet to one that is fresh, simple, high in water content, and as close to nature as possible. Dorit is an author, certified  living foods chef and yoga teacher trained by Dr. Deepak Chopra as a meditation coach. She travels around North America teaching workshops and has a private practice as a personal chef and LifeSkills Coach in Los Angeles . For more on this and other related topics, see her books Celebrating Our Raw Nature 1 & 2. Her websites are : and


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