Makhabucha Celebrations

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Sunset on the full moon of the third thai month every year. People are gathered and circling the temple. They are carrying candles, flowers, and incense. They circle the temple three times one for each of the three jewels. The first round is dedicated to the Buddha. On the second round, they meditate on the Dharma which is the eternal truth in Buddhism; and the last round is for the Sangha, the Buddhist monastic order. This procession is called Wien Tian, and is part of the celebrations for Makhabucha Day.

On this day, about 2500 years ago, nine months after the Buddha was enlightened, 1250 monks come to see the Buddha without an appointment. The monks are ordained and become Orrahan which means that they have graduated in the Buddha’s theories.

Buddhists are guided by the Basic Karmas 5 Sins. They refrain from lying, killing, stealing, drinking, and cheating. On this day, Buddhists concentrate on purifying their minds, doing good deeds, and not sinning. They also do good deeds such as giving food to the monks, giving donations to the temples, and giving life (for example, buying a bird from a seller). Cleansing your mind, praying for others, and not lying is important to Buddhists karmically.


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