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While many cities are dealing with snow, ice, and whiteouts, here in Los Angeles we see a cloudless day filled with breeze and sunshine. It feels like summer is right around the corner which brings to mind beach days, pier concerts, and littering!

While we are busy enjoying the sun and surf, we don’t realize how much is going on underwater or just around the corner. Marine debris and storm water are just some of the problems that plague our oceans.

Marine debris is basically man made materials that we discard frivolously that slip out into the ocean. This ends up harming marine life. We can help decrease the amount of debris going into the ocean by using reusable water bottles, and shopping bangs, bringing your own coffee mug or thermos when you get coffee or other beverages in the mornings. Most importantly “Recycle!

When it rains or snows the resulting water drains are flooded with toxic pesticides, fertilizers, oil and soap which in large quantities harm our oceans. What you can do to diminish the amounts going into the storm drains is to leave a 15 to 20 foot space of unmowed grass along the edges of your lawn, and to divert roof water to lawns so it will soak into the grass. In addition, regulations are beginning to address the issues.

Other ways you can help is by volunteering for cleanup days at the beach which can result in a fun day, whilst doing something beneficial for the environment and yourself.


Author: carolinacastellanos

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