Organic Ways to Heal Acne

Imagine waking up on a breezy, sunny morning and the first thing that greets you in the mirror is a bright red pimple on your forehead.  What do you do?  I’ve used product after product that contain harmful chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, retinoid, salicylic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids, all common ingredients in acne medication.  The products work fine to relieve the acne temporarily, but they come with horrible side effects like scaring, peeling, burning, and skin irritation.  So, are they worth it?  Isn’t there a simpler, organic, greener way to heal acne?

The answer is yes!  There are greener ways!  These alternatives involve no chemicals and, therefore, no negative side effects.  Isn’t that wonderful?

  • Yogic diet: Studies show that certain types of yoga helps!  Yoga hinges on diet management, exercise, and meditation. It essentially helps to balance our body’s system by promoting hormonal equilibrium.  If you follow a yogic diet, you can avoid a lot of factors that create imbalance.  Additionally, yogic diets encourages the use of healthy spices such as turmeric, cumin, and coriander; these are very effective in decreasing acne.
  • Yoga: Yogic exercises like Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar, Pavanmuktasana, poses that entail standing and bending forward, and all inverted postures help our entire body–particularly the endocrine system–work much more efficiently. These exercises even improve metabolism.  Coupled with meditation to relax the mind, ease the body, and remove stress, the body naturally seeks hormonal balance.  Once you invest in yoga, you should find yourself with healthier glowing skin.
  • Using masks of common fruits and spices:.
    These include:

    • Orange peel – pound with water and apply to affected areas. Add gram flour to make a face scrub.
    • Lemon – apply fresh lemon juice to affected areas.
    • Garlic – rub raw garlic over the affected areas. Eating raw garlic three times a day also cleanses the body internally and externally.
    • Coriander – coriander juice mixed with turmeric power works wonders for acne problems.
    • Fenugreek leaves – make a paste of the leaves and apply every night before you sleep.
    • Cucumbers – grated cucumbers applied to the face gives you a healthier looking complexion.

Try these simple, effective ways to decrease your acne woes!



Author: Deola

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