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Running for Fitnes

November 19, 2013

Last month, I received an email that marks a little monument in my running life. It’s an email from “MapMyRun” congratulating me on my 40th workout since July 14th, 2013. Running apps are truly a blessing to runners like me. In a Digital Age, only a running app can keep me company through all my […]

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Coconut Oil

November 18, 2013

Custom Mineral Makeup, Chap Stick and More. We Love Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is becoming popular everywhere! It has been a popular addition to beauty products for its pleasing fragrance and moisturizing abilities. Have you ever thought that something that is an ingredient in your favorite beauty products might work as well without all the […]

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The Healing Power Of Living Foods

November 11, 2013

Raw food, allergies, and the San Diego Veg Festival. On this edition of The Plant-Based Diet podcast, host Phoebe Chongchua talks with Living Food Chef, author, and wellness coach Dorit about her journey to becoming Vegan. Plus, why you should examine your thoughts…how the power of thought and words can help or harm your life. […]

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Vital Hemp

November 6, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ron Alcalay, the creator of the popular clothing brand, Vital Hemp. Before Vital Hemp, Ron Alcalay had achieved success by anyone’s standards. He earned a Ph.D. in Literature from prestigious Berkeley, and was set to head through life on cruise control. All he had to do was just […]

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November 2013 EcoSalon Film: “Overcoming the Food Imprint: The Origin of Our Cravings”

November 5, 2013

Overcoming the Food Imprint: the Origin of Our Cravings In this documentary, Valya interviews health experts, authors, teachers, psychologists, children, and random people on the street. The second half of this film looks at the reasons why children, loved ones, and friends often respond to diet-related advice with resistance and even defiance. Overcoming the Food […]

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October 24, 2013

On October 19th and 20th, a green haze hovered over Los Angeles as the third annual Green Festival came to town, bringing together people from all walks of life who have one thing in common: a passion to protect the environment. Surfers are environmentalists by default: if the beach is closed due to pollution, it […]

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October 2013 EcoSalon Film: “Not My Life”

October 7, 2013

Not My Life is the first film to comprehensively depict the cruel and dehumanizing practices of human trafficking and modern slavery on a global scale. Filmed on five continents, in a dozen countries, Not My Life takes viewers into a world where millions of children are exploited, every day, through an astonishing array of practices […]

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Gardens, Goddesses and Magic Soap

October 2, 2013

It was late on a Friday night. Other people were out dancing or drinking, meeting friends or going out on dates. I drove out west on the freeway to meet an entrepreneur, a practicing Wiccan and cat rescuer named Amy Sommerfield. She and I had a date … with soap. Amy makes soaps out of […]

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Bethany’s Story Q&A

September 27, 2013

Janet McKee, a Holistic Health Counselor, wanted to share with the world some of the benefits of a plant-based diet that she has encountered. Then she encountered Bethany, a young woman who’s vegan diet resulted in the restoration of movement after she had been paralyzed by medication. This film’s EcoSalon Free Film Screening of McKee’s […]

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Chemical Warfare in My Kitchen?

September 23, 2013

From a distance, I see the troops advancing toward their target in perfect marching formation. They are focused on serving their colony in the name of the queen. As they swarm around a discarded lollipop, I position a can of Raid above them. Then I stop myself. What am I doing? Spraying toxic chemicals in […]

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