Peace based journalism

pace-based journalismGreen Lifestyles Network’s “Peace Based Journalism” group provides resources, and training regarding peace based communication to media professionals, citizen journalists, bloggers, social media contributors and interested individuals. We believe that media impacts every facet of our lives on a daily basis. We therefore adhere to the concept that media have a moral responsibility to inspire, lead and motivate us to live lives of clarity, wholeness, and self-improvement to enable us to make life affirming choices. So please join the group and start informing and inspiring everyone through peaceful communication.
About us:
We are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, grassroots organization that is creating a new vision for media based on citizen journalism, with specific emphasis on the use of language and media as powerful tools for creating transformation on a very deep level. We focus on programming which offers tremendous benefits of empowering people to adopt lifestyle choices based on a sustainable model. We therefore encourage people to adopt lifestyles based on social well-being, social entrepreneurship and health/wellness promoting activities.
We will be posting resources and information regarding training or workshops in this group.

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