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December 26, 2014
As 2014 draws to a close…
Please remember Green Lifestyles Network
Dear Friend of Green Lifestyles Network,As you write your New Year’s Resolutions, please consider the role Green Lifestyles Network will play in making 2015 a year of CHANGE.

The mission of Green Lifestyles Network is to create a NEW VISION for media. What we watch, what we read and what we hear affects our psyche and, eventually, our well-being. Too many people have never experienced the celebration of Life and Nature that a true “green” movement represents. They have not experienced how powerful, uplifting, and action-oriented our approach to film, the written word, music, events and television can be. With your help, we can succeed in fostering a media that offers a formidable alternative to the present (fear based) status quo. We accomplish this through our:

• EcoFilm Salon Series (monthly, free to the public in Los Angeles, California, USA)
• Podcasts
• Blogs
• Newsletters
• Green Lifestyles (web) TV Channel- to be launched in 2015!

If you believe in CREATING CHANGE, please visit our Dream Fund page.

While you and I agree that our lives, our planet—our environment, our cultures and our media—are in danger of focusing too much on violence, mayhem and blaming; too many people are still not convinced there’s a problem.

Imagine a world in which more and more people understand and transform from mindless consumerism and addictive behavior patterns to thoughtful sustainability in every facet of their lives. Now imagine that YOU helped make it happen! THIS is your opportunity to make a difference.

We want to take Green Lifestyles Network to new heights! To do this, we need funding to transition from a grassroots, volunteer-based nonprofit to a 6-person paid staff organization. Please help us take a stand to reach the millions of people who are hungry and starving for film, social media and television that uplifts and engages the human mind, heart and spirit, whilst offering sustainable solutions to our everyday challenges.

Today, more than ever, people need to know that the way we live now will decide how others will live a generation from now. We cannot send this message without your help. Putting your values into action is what life is really about, isn’t it?

Your donation is completely tax-deductible and our EIN # is 26-1993436. Please visit us at to make a donation. Can you think of a better gift to give our children and grandchildren than a sustainable planet with diverse cultures that admire and respect each other, and a dynamic media that feeds and uplifts the human spirit? Please donate today.

Green Lifestyles Network thanks you!

Dr. David Wong,
Board Chair, on behalf of the Green Lifestyles Network Executive Board of Directors

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