We are very grateful for and to Hannah Thomas of HeartRising.com in the UK for supplying our podcasts.

Getting in touch with the compassion within us ignites a fire of transformation which not only heals us, but also heals the world in which we live.

When we stand in love, the only limits are those of our own imagination. Heartrising is dedicated to the evolution of the human heart. The GreenLifestyles.org Podcasts from HeartRising include inspirational interviews and guided meditations.

The interviews highlight individuals and organizations who are making an impact in the world around them through dedication to their inner vision.

The guided meditations are designed to bring us to our inner stillness and put us in touch with our own inner vision. Combined, they are designed to bring about global change by bringing about personal awakening.

This belief in human transformation being the foundation for social and economic change is at the very heart of the Green Lifestyle Film Festival’s raison d’etre.