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Hannah Thomas

“Love does not speak of it’s own greatness, but points to the greatness others cannot see in themselves.” —Hannah Thomas

Born with the ability to see angels and spirit guides and to form core to core connections with those around her, Hannah has devoted her life to the evolution of the human spirit. As a young girl growing up in the wilderness of the Adirondack State Park in upstate New York, she developed a lifelong love and admiration for nature in which her spirituality is firmly rooted.

Hannah has studied Reiki, various forms of martial arts, yoga and meditation. This has assisted her in understanding the way that energy flows through and around our bodies and how our mind and emotions influence our health and state of balance. In search of a comprehensive method of empowering people to transform their lives on every level (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical), Hannah has developed a technique called Transformational Lateral Co-Creation (or TLC). This technique is described in detail on the “Personal Support With Hannah” page.


Caressence grew up in London in the 1950s. Her heart called for her to explore many spiritual paths and healing techniques as she moved around the UK and the West of Ireland. Her spiritual mainstay was always meditation, in all of its forms. “To be able to stay calm and centred within our hectic world is a lesson well worth learning”, she says and her Guided Meditations reflect this.

Each one is relaxing, reflective and insightful leaving the listener feeling refreshed and centred afterwards. Her soft, gentle voice allows the stresses of the day to melt away and peace to enter the awaiting heart.
Caressence also loves to work with sacred sound.


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Thanks to Hannah Thomas of Heart Rising for all her podcasts.

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