Radiation Fears and You

As a raw foods and wellness expert, I’ve received many questions from those fearful about possible radiation exposure from the nuclear reactors in Japan.

In this blog post, I hope to clear up some misconceptions and offer some valuable advice. I don’t have time to go into the anatomy of fear in this post (more about that in another post), but I do want to make one thing clear: Continuous fear suppresses the immune system. The current fears surrounding the potential of radiation exposure cause far greater harm to humans than the likelihood of actual radiation exposure.

Natural Solutions for Radiation Exposure

If a meltdown really does happen and the threat of radiation exposure increases, I suggest the following:

  • First conquer your fears by beginning or continuing a very dedicated practice of Kundalini Yoga to strengthen and move and open the chakras. This will also improve your digestive and immune systems.
  • Drink unpasteurized GMO-Free Miso Soup with lots of kelp, dulse, and daikon radish.
  • Eat and drink bitters, such as Swedish Bitters (available in any natural food store) or the bitters I use so much in my cookbook, Celebrating Our Raw Nature.
  • Get the herb Chaparral, but do not take this unless you are directly exposed to radiation and even then, only for a short period of time.
  • Eat and drink foods high in vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Have all the greens possible, particularly wheatgrass juice, Sun Chorella ( ironically almost all the antidotes are from Japan), E3Live (see the Serenity Spaces resources page for a discount on this), BrainOn , and all other blue and green algae and sea vegetables.
  • Protect your kidneys with baking soda. These are the first organs usually affected from radiation. See “Baking Soda and Radiation” below for more details.

Baking Soda and Radiation

Baking soda ( Bicarbonate of Soda) helps to keep the kidneys alkaline during emergencies and radiation will therefore not do much harm, if any at all. The properties of sodium bicarbonate are so protective, buffering, and neutralizing that it can be used liberally in cases of radiation exposure to protect kidneys and other tissues. Baking soda acts like an efficient janitor helping to cleanse the mess and wash away the poisons and toxins. When used in cases of radiation, baking soda protects the tissues by leaving behind an alkaline trail to ensure everything stays perfectly safe. Baking soda is even administered intravenously to protect chemotherapy patients from its extreme toxicity. In addition, baking soda has a high Ph value and this property helps to oxygenate fungi and tumors. It has been proved that cancer cells cannot flourish and thrive on high Ph or high oxygen levels. So how do I recommend that you use this? A tablet or teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate along with the few drops of fresh lemon juice acts as an antacid and could potentially provide instant relief from the effects of radiation. (By the way, this same recipe works for dispelling painful wind in case of indigestion and flatulence.) A foot soak made of 150gms of bicarbonate of soda with equal quantities of Epsom salts would also be helpful. Or simply add it to your bathtub when taking a bath as most professional dancers do to alleviate sore muscles from hours of dancing.

Commercial Iodine and Radiation

I have not recommended commercial iodine because even in small doses, iodine is slightly toxic. In large amounts, it is highly poisonous. Elemental iodine is an irritant which can cause sores on the skin. Iodine vapor also causes extreme eye irritation. In nature, iodine occurs in the form of iodide ions, mainly in seawater. It is introduced into the food chain via seaweed and other sea-plants, which is why I have recommended sea vegetables. Iodine is also found in some minerals and soils.

Protect Your Immune System

Again, although I don’t have time to go into the anatomy of fear, I am reiterating very strongly here that continuous fear suppresses the immune system! I suggest that all yoga and meditation classes end with sending cooling vapors energetically toward and into the nuclear reactors in Japan and that each person on awakening and before retiring at night does the same. The power of this is much stronger than the small band of people in Japan heroically putting their own lives at risk to cool off the nuclear plants. By sending anger and hatred (which I am hearing in some media sources) towards the Japanese utility companies and the government there, all we are doing is sending more heat which is exactly what is not needed now. Where there is anger there is heat. Where there is love there is cooling energy. This cooling effect will produce results if we all do this together. So every time you find yourself feeling fearful or worried, please remember that that is not what is needed now, and it is simply wasted energy. Focus instead on creating a flood of love inside of you and send it to everyone in Japan. That is what they need. Not our unfounded fears which only stifle and block us. Do lots of deep breathing by running, hiking, jumping, dancing, playing on rebounders, and participating in joyous, liberating creative activities. Then send the excess bliss towards and into what we call Japan. Everything they are experiencing there affects us as we are part of the same invisible thread. So send them what they are unable to give themselves now which is emancipated creative energy, love, and vibrant health. They have given us so much with their foods, technology, and culture. It is our time now to replenish them when they need it. So let’s ignite ourselves with gratitude and love and let’s also remember the people in New Zealand, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and other areas of trouble as we do so. We are all in this together! So let go of the fear and feed and nourish yourself with gratitude and love. That is the true healer. There is nothing to fear from cancer…. just be mindful of the power within you that absorbs every experience and grow into your true magnificence as a result of all this.


Author: dorit

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