by Jessica on April 25, 2013

ecoutureI love sustainable options. Not only does vegan clothing look and feel incredible, but it also makes me feel good when I wear it. As I have said before, I have occasionally found it difficult to find fashion forward, feminine, vegan clothing. When I learned about Ecocouture Clothing through Green LifeStyles Network, I immediately fell in love with it. The fabrics are beautiful and the designs are feminine, flattering, and easy to wear. Recently, I had a chance to speak with Karudi Serumaga – creator of Ecocouture – about her collection and found her answers to be positive and thoughtful. I am beyond excited for our first trunk shows set to debut Sunday, April 21st and Saturday, May 11th. There is nothing more enjoyable than a group of fun, eco-centered, fashionable people getting together to have wine, good conversation, and share inspiration. Check out the interview with Karundi and fall in love with her, her staff, and her designs, like I did.

Who is Karundi Serumaga?

My father was a famous playwright, Minister of Commerce, and Presidential candidate before Idi Amin’s reign; he was a national hero for Uganda. My mother was a television, radio broadcaster in Jamaica and a love-struck young woman. I’m the combination of the two.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I like accentuating the shape of a woman’s body without being risqué. I love the ability to be comfortable and beautiful and healthy all at one time. Luxurious feeling fabrics inspire me along with clothes that you can wear to the office that also move with the busyness of a woman’s lifestyle, yet comfortable enough to come home and fall asleep in with her child in her arms after a long day.

Who are your major influences in the fashion world, or other?

Trees, bamboo, flowers, energy stones, Donna Karan, Vera Wang, and BCBG.

Who is the ideal Ecocouture customer?

The Ecocouture woman is concerned about not only her beauty, but also the beauty of the world. She cares about what she puts into her body and what she puts on it. She feels one with the earth and is mindful of those around her, even though she loves luxury. She lives a Responsible.Life.Style.

How did this collection originate?

When I was a seed I grew in my mother’s womb. One day I was born and the idea was imprinted on my soul. Years later, after life changes, life circumstances, and personal shifts, the idea sprouted a branch. From that branch, I visualized the collection and enlisted very mindful and capable people to help bring the collection to fruition.

What does environmental/sustainable fashion mean to you?

It is important to me to be mindful even when it comes to fashion. I like style and luxury as much as the next person, but I am not willing to compromise the Earth, its resources, myself, or my soul for the sake of fashion. I think that is selfish and quite frankly, a bad idea.

Where is your clothing made?

Our clothing is made in the U.S.A in Los Angeles, California.

Who are your favorite designers and what are you wearing right now?

You are all my favorite designers. Right now I am wearing the softest pair of pants, a comfy top, and a blanket.

How did the partnership with Marisa Quinn come about?

Marisa would say “divinely”. The purpose of mindful living is to understand balance. That balance comes in the form of respect to our natural resources, the efficient use of energy around us, and appreciation of beauty and creativity. When you understand those things, even a little, you begin to attract like-minded things in your energetic space and those things come to you; you don’t always have to seek them. Her energy was like-minded to mine when it came to balance, sustainability, and fashion. Therefore, we found each other and decided to collaborate. That is the short version of that story (minus a few details).

What is the best thing in the world?

You and Love. One cannot be created without the other; together they equal balance.

What is next for Ecocouture?

We hope to grow into a great company to work for. We will continue to collaborate with amazing people and expand our brand to include men’s clothing, children’s clothing, and Yoga wear. We also hope to share a great message about transformation and reasonable consumption of resources. It’s time to stop being wasteful and mindless about frivolity. It is time to approach the things we are graced with in life, like beauty and luxury, with the same grace in which it has been given to us – with respect, mindful appreciation, and honor. We hope to encourage many people to be aware of the energy they create in their body and in their clothing and how you really can change the world one garment at a time; that is how you live a Responsible.Life.Style.

If you would like to attend one of our exclusive Ecocouture Trunk Shows on Saturday, 5/11/13 (Mother’s Day weekend) or tbd in the fall to get a sneak peak at Karundi’s collection, email me at I will send you a VIP invitation so you can be a part of our sustainable clothing revolution. See you there!

Jessica is a Los Angeles writer and blogger who has a passion for environmental advocacy and education. After acquiring a B.S. in Environmental Geography and English at Ohio University, she moved with her husband to San Diego where she worked as an Education Coordinator at a reputable non-profit organization. With years of experience under her belt in E.E., she began teaching Montessori to be able to reach children in a comfortable and impacting environment. She now is a writer and editor for Natural Child World Magazine and also volunteers her time for Green Lifestyle Film Festival. When she’s not working hard on her passions, she finds herself playing with her dog and cat, and being outdoor whenever possible: hiking, camping, and climbing.


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