Save The Trees, Middletown

by Rensi on March 18, 2013

Junk mail sofa

You don’t really need a junk mail sofa.

dogs waiting in line to pee

You don’t want your dogs to wait in line when they really have to go.

Students tear up exam books

You don’t want the trees cut down to turn into textbooks torn up by exam-stricken students.

Long time no see

You don’t want to reunite with your childhood friend in the smog——

You: Long time no see.

Your friend: Still can’t see you.

Please sign the petition to save the last remaining forests in the City of Middletown as soon as possible.

The City Commission will vote to make an Amendment to its Tree Ordinance on Thursday, March 14th at 7:30 PM. If you are in Middletown or Louisville, please attend the meeting and lend your voice for the trees in speaking out against the logging during the public comment period. If you are not in Middletown or Louisville, please write to the City of Middletown on its website or call them at (502) 245-2762.

Please feel free to use the following letter as an template and edit it for your particular style:

Dear Mayor J. Byron Chapman & the Middletown City Comissioners,

It has come to my attention that the City of Middletown wishes to make an Amendment to its Tree Ordinance to allow for the logging of the City’s last remaining forests/woods. I am opposed to this measure on the grounds that trees provide the oxygen that I breathe and help to cool down the Earth’s overall temperature so that my children and future generations have a hopeful future and healthy environment to thrive in. If you hadn’t heard, the City of Louisville is taking action to plant trees, rather than cut them down. The City of Louisville has taken action on this because Greater Louisville has been proven to have the fastest rising heat index in the county, and Middletown is a contributor to this warming. Please, consider your children and the future of our planet before you allow the logging of Middletown’s last forests/woods. The future depends on us, and we have a God-given duty to protect the Earth that was bestowed upon us.



[Note: The 'God' reference is included as people in Middletown are religious. Feel free to edit as you see fit.]

Rensi is a GLN blogger who writes book reviews and movie reviews about healthy and eco-friendly lifestyles. With a B.A. degree in English and an M.A. degree in Communication Studies, she loves working in a multicultural setting with people from various disciplines. She enjoys reading, jogging, and translating Chinese jokes and pop songs into English.


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