Standing up and Stepping up

by Jessica on June 4, 2013

IMG_1585Communities come together to unite their voice

Last Saturday, America came together to take a stand against genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). Cities all over the United States, and around the World, joined forces with the aid of community activism groups to let their voices be heard.

As Far As Our Voice Can Reach

Millions of people in over 400 cities showed up to take a stand for our basic rights to have a say in what kind of foods we are putting in our bodies. People from all walks of life showed up–Doctors, Lawyers, Musicians, Teachers, Students, and the list could go on and on. One concerned mother, Monique Saul, came out with her four daughters, accompanied by her daughter’s boyfriend and Monique’s granddaughter to support the cause.

“We came out to make a difference in a cause we believe in. Everyone should know what they are eating and have the choice to not eat toxins,” commented Saul.

Similar to many people, Monique became aware of the issue with GMO’s when her 10-year-old son started having learning problems. She felt like it was her parental responsibility to become more educated on dietary issues because of the concerns for her children’s health. “If I could tell Monsanto something I would say ‘please stop poisoning our precious children!’” Monique added.

IMG_1572Organized for Success

Long Beach chapter organizer Sonny Pencr took a moment from his passionate chanting and positive contagious energy to have a brief conversation with me about his history of involvement. Pencr said after being a social-eco-justice activist his entire life, he joined the movement in October 2011. With his help and spirit this event has proven to be a huge success across the board.

The turn out was extensive, crowds of people on all four corners of the 2nd St and Pacific Coast Highway intersection. With constant movement and rotation at the cross walks, there was an exciting presence of passion and frustration being played out for everyone to see and participate. Honking and shouting of approval could be heard a mile away as you drove up to the site.

Another family passionate about the mission had well thought out points for further research. “We want scientists’ voices to be louder than Lobbyists, it does not have to be about money. What’s the truth in the matter? And if we don’t know let’s not rush in and pollute the global food supply, let’s study it the old fashioned way,” said Keri being supported by her husband Steve and son Ian.

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

Some of my favorite attendants were the children. Many of them sported their own home made signs, all learning at a young age that they have a choice on how the rest of their lives will be lived and that even the little guy (or girl) makes a difference. Genelle and her daughter, Genesis, came out together with beautiful home made signs, reading ‘This vegan child says leave my fruits and veggies alone!” to take a stand against GMO’s. Genelle and Genesis recently became vegan at her daughter’s behest.

With good at our side, we will be listened to so join our voice!

If you would like to share pictures from a March against GMO’s in your local area please send them to with a caption and a name. We’d love to post them!


Jessica is a Los Angeles writer and blogger who has a passion for environmental advocacy and education. After acquiring a B.S. in Environmental Geography and English at Ohio University, she moved with her husband to San Diego where she worked as an Education Coordinator at a reputable non-profit organization. With years of experience under her belt in E.E., she began teaching Montessori to be able to reach children in a comfortable and impacting environment. She now is a writer and editor for Natural Child World Magazine and also volunteers her time for Green Lifestyle Film Festival. When she’s not working hard on her passions, she finds herself playing with her dog and cat, and being outdoor whenever possible: hiking, camping, and climbing.


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