The Gift of Presence

by Hannah Thomas on December 26, 2012

TheGiftofPresence“To Santi every instrument is a story; if you close your eyes you can hear your own.”

Sometimes, beauty can take us to a place of mindfulness in an instant. It is unexpected, moving and it rejuvenates our soul. This year, our holiday gift to you is the man, Santi Chacon, and his music.

Sit back and relax, lose yourself in his song Sheltered from the Cold, and find yourself anew.

“Love does not speak of its own greatness, but points to the greatness others do not see in themselves.”
Hannah Thomas is the founder of Bespoke Meditation ( and co-founder of Heart Rising (, a website dedicated to the evolution of the human heart.
Hannah hosts a series of podcasts, interviewing inspirational souls who are living their heart vision in unique ways. These are available for free through iTunes (HeartRising Podcasts) and also the HeartRising homepage.
Her website Heart Rising offers free subscription to the regular, fresh and inspirational “Heart Beat” messages as well as access to an extensive archive of writing on a broad range of topics such as meditation and emotional mastery. Guided meditations are available for free in Mp3 format (and also via iTunes) and personal support is also available to those who request it.
Bespoke Meditation is dedicated to creating custom-fit meditation practices for busy lives.

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