Why I Love to Upcycle

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is quite a famous quote in today’s society. Sometimes, though, an item you previously deemed trash can become something you will treasure in the years to come. This is a process called upcycling, one that I am thankful for in this modern era. Upcycling is the process of taking a seemingly useless object you were about to discard and using your creative juices to turn it into something new and useful. Many people think that only the cheap, poor, or “weird hipster” populations upcycle, but that is just not the case. Upcycling is a growing trend nowadays for anyone who is creative, eco-conscious, or financially clever.

For example, I am probably one of the biggest fans of upcycling out there. Being a creative genius (if I shall be so modest as to say so myself), I am always in need of opportunities to flaunt my artistic brainpower. What better way to do that than by using a bunch of materials regurgitated from the basement, attic, and numerous closets in my house to whip up some fresh new stuff? Add to this the fact that humans are using up resources like it’s nobody’s business (Maybe I can conserve a small portion of that!), and that as a teenager, my net monthly income is more negative than a sadomasochist and America’s debt combined, and I end up with this wonderful thrill inspired by my upcycling experience that makes me jump with joy after every project.

Hopefully, I have inspired you to get in on some of this magical upcycling. Well, you’re in luck, because it isn’t difficult to do so. It’s a mere three-step process:

1. Find personal reasons you will want to upcycle. In the same way that I upcycle to save money, “get my creative on,” and conserve the world’s precious resources, why will you do it?

2. Use your advanced, mystical, 21st century assets! The Internet exists for a reason. You are that reason. You can use the Internet for practically anything, so use it to search some great upcycling projects based on objects you have lying around the house or objects you want to make. If you really need a magazine holder, search how to make it from upcycled objects! If you’d rather just get rid of your useless magazines, search how to upcycle them!

3. Be the powerful individual you were born to be. After you get into the upcycling groove, you will probably be bursting with excitement, new information, and a sense of achievement. . So spread the word! Once you are thankful for this new activity you have been introduced to, use your communicative abilities to let other people know about the wonderful art of upcycling, just like I am at this very moment.

Have fun, and may nicely fitting upcycled shorts be with you.



Author: Dhruvi

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